Thursday, February 22, 2007

Update on Star and Garter Planning Application

I have objected to this and reproduce below my letter to planning officers:

07/00027/FUL - 50 Waterloo Road

I write further to our telephone conversation this afternoon and in reference to the above application.

I would like to object to this application on the following grounds:

1. The design of the building is not in keeping with the surrounding area. The area is typically of Victorian character (1860s). The original Parish church is in Waterloo Road. Despite a statement in the application to suggest that it is in keeping with the area, the design in my view is very modern and contemporary. The wooden walls I think are particularly out of keeping. The fact that some more modern buildings in area have been allowed planning permission should not act as a precedent for this development. The fact that the building is in a very visible location on the corner of Waterloo Road should be even more reason for the development to be in keeping.

2. The Application states that there are 12 car parking spaces. I understand that there are in fact only 4 being provided. I would like to see the maximum provided (which I understand is 7).

This application will be considered at a meeting of the Planning and Rights of Panel on 27th February. Click HERE for a link to the list of applications.

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