Wednesday, February 14, 2007

£66k Lost On Temporary Icerink - Lib Dems Face Enquiry

The reason the council lost money is because a very poor deal was struck wih the company that ran it, leaving the council carrying all the risk. Only very feeble ,last minute attempts were made to secure sponsorship.

Next time I think the council should:
1) plan the event earlier,
2) get the balance of risk between the council and the operator correct,
3) engage with business and sponsors earlier,
4) consider a better location,
5) ensure that english speaking staff are on hand to help skaters,
6) start it on a day that isn't the day all the students go home,
7) consider having a canopy in case it rains,
8) have the rink visable to people as they walk past.

Hopefully lessons will be learned and I am told that an enquiry is to be launched into the handling of the affair by the Lib Dems.

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