Saturday, February 24, 2007

Community Hub For Freemantle

Earlier this month the Council approved over a £1m of funds to redevelop Freemantle Community Centre in Randoph Street. A revamped centre will for use by community groups and for adult social services provision.

I attended a meeting on Thursday to look at how we might go even further and develop the area into the community hub that local people are hoping for. Plans are now being drawn up for a lottery bid for extra money. If successful the sorts of things that might be included in the hub are; a cafe, a proper sports hall maybe with a sprung floor for martial arts and aerobics etc, landscaping of the area and measures to improve pedestrian safety.

The city council and local Councillors are working with the health centre and Shirley Pool and I am hopeful that this will come off and help transform the local area. No doubt I will post more on this over the coming months...

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Matt Dean said...

£1million seems like a lot of monet to me.