Wednesday, February 15, 2012

City Wide Clean Up Announced

Southampton Conservatives have today announced that we will have a city wide council clean up of Southampton, in order to get the streets looking spick and span after last Summer's bin strikes.

Dozens of young people will also be given the chance to join in the cleaning operation in order gain to work experience.

The £100,000 clean up will take place over several weeks and is being funded from a VAT tax rebate that the council has recently received from HMRC for commercial waste collections in the past.

This is great news for Southampton and the clean will mean we can tackle the harder to reach places like hedges and back alleys and have a proper deep clean of the city.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Council Tax Should be Frozen for Southampton Residents

Southampton City Council and now Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service have said that they will be freezing their share of the Council Tax bill in 2012/13.

The Hampshire Police Authority is due to set its budget next Tuesday and I am calling for it to freeze Council Tax too.

Southampton residents should not have to pay a penny more in Council Tax in the coming year and with everyone struggling with bills and the cost of living and with the government offering an extra grant to help freeze council tax, any increase is totally unjustifiable.

I will be voting for a freeze on Tuesday and I hope I will have the support of all the other Police Authority Members.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

New Play Park for Albany Road

Freemantle Councillor, Michael Ball, at the current play park in Albany Road 

Freemantle's Conservative Councillors have helped secure £72,000 for improvements to play equipment in Albany Road.

The funding is coming from local developers who are required to set aside money for improvements to the local area when new developments are built.

A consultation is due to take place and the improvements are due to complete this year.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Free Tickets For The New Sea City Museum!

Southampton City Council today announced that free tickets for the new Sea City Museum will be offered to each Southampton household, to celebrate the opening of the attraction in April 2012.

This is fantastic news for Southampton! It is the people's museum and it tells the story of Southampton people and so it is right that local residents should all have the chance to see it for free at least once.

I am particularly pleased that children in the city will all get the chance to visit. Most local schools are teaching about the history of the Titanic disaster 100 years ago and a number of children will be involved in the opening event. Now all children in the city will have that chance.

Read the full story HERE.