Monday, February 26, 2007

The Council Needs to Act Now To Promote Family Housing

On Wednesday (at the Housing Scrutiny Panel) the Council will be debating what can be done to promote more family housing in the city. There are some interesting papers on the Council Website. Click HERE.

Since 2000 over 80% of new properties built in Southampton have been flats.

We need to get the balance right between houses and flats in order to have sustainable communities.

A lot more also needs to be done to protect the character of attractive old buildings. Too many are being pulled down and replaced with ugly blocks of flats, with inadequate parking.

A few weeks ago I met with the head of planning and residents from Thornbury Avenue to discuss how the council could put in place more effective measures to protect against over development.

I am very keen to see development briefs drawn up for neighbourhoods. These could state what level of development should take place, and future planning applications would be judged against the criteria set out in these briefs.
UPDATE 27/02/07: This meeting has been postponed. Not fixed date as yet.

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