Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update on Star and Garter Application

A planning application for 14, 2 bedroom flats on the Star and Garter pub site, was today heard by the Council's planning panel.

Councillors Ball, Parnell and I had objected to the application on the grounds that it isn't in keeping with the surrounding area and that there are insufficient car parking spaces.

However the application was passed by the panel.

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Gaz said...

I think it's a real shame the Star & Garter pub is being pulled down. While it isn't geographically my local, I used to treat it as my local because it was a great pub.

While I know it probably closed due to competition from other pubs which there are quite a lot of nearby, it's a shame the building can't be saved and converted into flats. It's a part of the history of Southampton and while the flats scheme proposed looks nice and modern, I agree with your sentiments that it does not fit Waterloo Road. An increasing number of sites in Freemantle seem to be turning from old houses that match the style of others in the street to new buildings with higher densities that totally ignore their surroundings.