Sunday, February 04, 2007

Labour Hypocrisy Over Buses in Southampton

The Labour party in Southampton have repeatedly promised that they would provide free bus travel across Hampshire for Southampton pensioners. Click HERE to read what they say.

At the moment bus travel is free for pensioners within the boundaries of the city and to some defined places outside the boundary, such as Totton.

Labour made a manifesto pledge in the 2006 elections to extend the scheme across all of Hampshire and were deeply critical of the Council for not doing this. Despite this they did not include proposals to fund the increased service in their 2006 budget proposals for the City Council. I have now just discovered that they haven't included the funding in their 2007 proposals either!

How on earth are people supposed to trust what they say!!!

Conservatives agree that it's unfair that pensioners in the rest of Hampshire can travel Hampshire wide for free whilst Southampton residents can't. That's why we support the proposal to extend free bus travel to Hampshire. That's also why we have allocated money in our budget proposals to pay for it.

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