Monday, February 19, 2007

Save Oaklands Swimming Pool

Last week Labour proposed the closure of Oaklands Swimming Pool. At the city council budget setting meeting they proposed to cut the budget for Oaklands pool by a crippling £160,000 (approximately 2/3rd of its annual budget). This would have forced the closure of the pool within a few months from now.

I am not entirely sure why Labour did this. In the budget debate Labour Councillors were unable to offer any satisfactory explanation.

Conservatives by contrast proposed that the pool stays open and that its opening hours remain unaffected.

I was astonished to read on Alan Whitehead's website that he is slamming the Conservatives over plans to reduce the opening times of the pool!

I can only conclude that his party on the city council do not talk to him or that he is simply trying to mislead people. The truth of the matter is all a matter of public record.

I am meeting the chairman of Eastleigh and Oaklands Swimming Club tomorrow to discuss how best we can secure the future of the pool.

It is not on that every year the pool is under threat from either closure or partial closure.

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