Monday, April 16, 2007

Southampton Conservatives Field Youngest Candidate

Conservative Candidate: Vincenzo Capozzoli

Southampton Conservatives are taking advantage of new election laws that now allow candidates to stand for election from the age of 18. At previous elections the minimum age was 21.

Conservative Vincenzo Capozzoli, standing in Portswood, is aged only 20 and is the youngest candidate in Hampshire to be contesting a local government seat.

Vince, a third-year history and politics student and at Southampton University, said he has fallen in love with the city which he wants to make his home.

"The youth voice hasn't had much expression around here and I want it to be heard," he said.

He said he particularly wanted to smooth out some recent tensions between students and residents.


Anonymous said...

I'm Tiziana and I live in Capaccio-Paestum, a town in the south of Italy at about 100km from Naples.
It's strange that in the next month election in Capaccio, one of the younger candidates is another Vincenzo Capozzoli, he is 19 but he isn't Conservative!

Jeremy Moulton said...

Strange coincidence! Maybe it's a common Italian name!?

Anonymous said...

No .. there must be only some person with this name. Maybe English Vincenzo Capozzoli has some relative here?


Jeremy Moulton said...

Quite likely - i will ask him!

Anonymous said...

ok ... let me know about Vincenzo's Italian relative!!