Sunday, April 15, 2007

Letter to Daily Echo

Dear Sir

I write in response to CONCERNED TAX PAYER who has asked how Conservatives would fund a 10% reduction in council tax for pensioner households in Southampton. The letter asked for specific areas where expenditure would be reduced to pay for this tax cut.

The cost would be £1.2m pa.

This would be paid for by: reduction in councillor allowances (£10k), discontinuing Neighbourhood Partnerships (£307k), discontinuing grants to UNISON (£100k), discontinue grants to SARC (£218k), reduction in budget for printing (212k), additional revenue raised through sponsorship (£100k), additional revenue raised through loaning out some of Southampton’s £130m art collection (£155k), smaller art grants (£70k), discontinue funding for Southampton Sustainability Forum (£23k), reduction in overseas trips for councillors and officers (£20k).

The Conservatives in Southampton believe we can deliver betters services and lower tax but focusing taxpayers’ hard earned money on the services that matter to people: collecting the rubbish, schools, social services, reducing crime etc.

Yours faithfully

Councillor Jeremy Moulton
Conservative Finance Spokesman – Southampton City Council.

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