Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Conservatives Call For Referendum on Super Casino

Whether or not Southampton has one of the new large casinos is a huge decision for the city. The Conservatives think that local residents should have a say on this crucial matter rather than having it imposed on them.

There are arguments for and against. We need to attract investment into the city and regenerate the waterfront. However is a casino the answer and what about the impact a large casino might have on the vulnerable in the city. There are genuine concerns.

Conservative Councillors, if running the city after the May elections, would have a public vote on the subject and would back what local people decide.


Ryan Newell said...

Glad you have decided to take on a UKIP local pledge.

UKIP have always said that decisions like these should be made by the local people affected by such schemes

Anonymous said...


All UKIP is good at judging by the actions of their MEP’s is fiddling expenses and costing the tax payer money. You promised to put candidates up in every seat yet you managed only 5, failure again? You really don’t have a grasp of what is happening in Southampton the sooner you crawl back under the rock that you came from then the better.