Thursday, April 26, 2007

David Cameron's Visit to Southampton

Yesterday afternoon Conservative Party Leader David Cameron visited Southampton help boost the campaign for the city council elections.

Mr Cameron, who arrived on his bicycle, was greeted enthusiastically by a crowd local party members.

He met city council election candidates in Southampton Test, Matt Dean (Shirley), Linda Norris (Millbrook) and Neil Fitzgerald (Coxford) and spoke about what the Conservative Party would do to help tackle the problems of crime, anti social behaviour and family breakdown in Southampton.

Later Mr Cameron visited Embley Park school near Romsey to meet Hampshire Conservatives. Here he explained how the next General Election would be won by the party that gave people positive hope for the future.
Mr Cameron explained that there was a clear choice between the Conservatives who believe in rolling forward the frontiers of society and Labour who believe in top down state control. He spoke again about how the Conservatives will support families in order to fix our broken society. He explained that people expect that the economy will grow but appear resigned to the fact that society will continue to breakdown further. Conservatives would tackle this problem head on. Improving school discipline and backing headteachers is a key part of this, Mr Cameron explained.

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