Sunday, April 15, 2007

Millbrook Lib Dems Have Lost the Plot!

Millbrook's Lib Dems have just put out a leaflet for the local elections campaigning to stop "Tory Cuts" to the fire service and to "Save" the local Post Office in Regents Park.

A few facts about both...

Redbridge Fire Station

They say that Tories are axing a fire engine from Redbridge Fire Station.

Here is what is hapenning.

A large fire engine from Redbridge is being redeployed to St Marys Fire Station. In its place a smaller 2 man fire engine will operate out of Redbrige.

The fire service say that 90% of fires in the area covered by Redbridge are very small - cars and burning rubbish and a smaller vehicle is better suited to dealing with such fires and they argued that it was a better use of resources to have a smaller vehicle in Redbridge. Also a smaller a vehicle can access areas more easily.

The Fire Authority has representation by all 3 political parties. No party objected to the set up described above. A consultation meeting was held at Bellemoor school. No Millbrool Lib Dems turned up. The Lib Dem representative on the Fire Authority, Peter Galton, did not object or comment.

The fact that the Lib Dems are trying to stir up fear on this issue shows how desparate they are and that they have nothing else to say.

Regents Park Post Office

This post office is not closing. Other post offices around the country and indeed in Southampton have closed or are under threat of closure. This one isn't though. If in doubt ask a member of staff in the post office! Again more Lib Dem drivel. They have nothing meaningful or accurate to say about the area. A sure sign of a party that has lost the plot!


Ryan Newell said...

The local Lib Dems have been busy putting out leaflets claiming to work for us all year round not just at election time, this is the first i have heard from the local lib dems since the last election.

Interesting is the that in Swaythling it appears it is only the tories who have been out and about, so far 2 leaflets from the tories and zero from everyone else

Jeremy Moulton said...

The Conservatives have an extremely good local candidate in Jane Odgers. She is the only candidate in Swaythling opposed to the development of a transit site for travellers at Monk Brook.

She is doing a good job and I very much hope she gets in. The local Lib Dems have not listened to their residents who they are elected to represent and I hope the electorate show them what they think of them come May 3rd.

Matt Dean said...

I don't know about swaythling but the way that the Lib-Dems have conducted themselves in Millbrook is a disgrace. Based on the untruths they have put out, I would argue that they are not fit to hold office.