Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lib Dem Needs to Get a Grip on his Job!

The Magistrates Courts in Southampton have been mothballed since 2006.

Lib Dem Steve Sollitt writes about what a good job he is doing promoting culture and heritage in the city (In My View 11th December).

Here are some facts he conveniently omitted.

Under his watch the city's £130m art collection remains uninsured and at risk.

I asked him a few months ago what his strategy was for our art collection. He sensibly said he wanted to display more of it. His record is very poor though. 90% of the collection is in storage at any given time and the average painting is in storage for 4 years before being shown.

He says that the Council are doing a good job in loaning out works of art. However this programme generates a mere £40,000 a year, a 0.03% return on the city's £130,000 asset.

Under his watch the magistrates courts in the west wing of the civic centre remain closed. They have now been left empty and deteriorating for 6 years!

Tudor House remains closed and is likely to stay closed for another 3 years!

Cllr Sollitt needs to spend his time getting a grip on his job rather than sending self congratulatory letters to the Daily Echo.

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