Saturday, December 23, 2006

Do We Really Need Another Set Of Traffic Lights In Hill Lane?

Council Officers are planning to install a set of traffic lights at the T junction between Raymond Road and Hill Lane. The proposals include a signal controlled pedestrian and cycle crossing to help people cross by the entrance to the Common. The scheme will essentially mirror the one at the T junction of Bellemoor Road and Hill Lane.

Shirley and Freemantle Councillors are to be briefed further on this in the New Year in advance of a formal public consultation.

I have been aware of these plans for a couple of years and have frequently voiced my opposition to yet another set of traffic lights. It would take the total along Hill Lane to 6!!!

More traffic lights will add to congestion along Hill Lane. It will further encourage cars to use back streets as rat runs (e.g. Greville Road).

There does need to something introduced at the Raymond Road junction I accept that. We need to help people cross the road. Also it is difficult to turn right out of Raymond Road into Hill Lane as it is quite hard to see round the corner.

I would much rather see a mini roundabout and a pedestrian island and not another set of lights.

I have had a number of conversations about this with Shirley Ward Councillor Terry Matthews and we seem to be of the same view. I have also had some representations for local people against more traffic lights.

I will be formally objecting if the scheme reaches the point of a public consultation.

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