Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cawte Road

Residents' Parking

For nearly three years Freemantle's Councillors have been pressing for the Council to look at a possible residents parking scheme. We are very conscious that large numbers of residents have been petitioning the Council to tackle the problem but to date nothing has been achieved.

We have now received categorical confirmation from the Director at Southampton City Council responsible amongst other thing for roads and parking, that officers will begin looking at a scheme before the end of March. Officers will draw up a proposed scheme and will be writing formally to residents seeking their approval.

No to More flats in Cawte Road

As you may recall, in a recent newsletter, we spoke about a planning application for more flats in Cawte Road. The application was for 24 one and two bedroom flats at 2-10 Cawte Road. The application included only 17 car parking spaces. We objected to this application on the grounds that this was an insufficient amount of car spaces and that more cars would end up in the street, further adding to parking pressures. The application was refused by the Council in September. However, one reason for the refusal of planning permission was that too many spaces were provided for than are allowed under the Government's bizarre planning rules! The application has now been resubmitted with only 13 spaces! We are writing again to object.

All the details can be found online HERE.
The planning reference is 06/01838/FUL.

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