Thursday, December 14, 2006

Civil Service Ground Needs To Be Secured Against Gypsies

Travellers made a mess of the Civil Service Ground last time they were there.

I was walking past the Civil Service Sports Ground on Sunday and I had a look to see how secure the gates were. There have been 2 gypsy incursions in the last couple of years.

The gates at the Malmesbury Place and the Stafford Road end both have sturdy padlocks. However as past experience has shown this is insufficient to stop the travellers who will be armed with bolt cutters.

A few years ago I arranged for additional protections to be put on the land including laying down piles of rubble or scree behind the gates. This was to prevent vehicles gaining access.

I have spoken to Council Officers about my concerns and they are contacting Bovis Homes, the owner, to ask that additional measures are put in place to protect the land.

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Anonymous said...

I heard you are a bit of an MC hammer fan. Can you confirm this rumour?