Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gidley Calls for School Sports Days to be Scrapped in Favour of Skipping!!!

Romsey MP Sandra Gidley

Romsey's Lib Dem MP has uproar with her mad comments in the House of Commons about scrapping school sports day. This describes competetive sport as one of her pet hates and thinks it would be far better if schools spent more time organising skipping. She thinks that team sports can damage children. Personally I think being made to do skipping rather than football and hockey at school would have had more of a negative impact on me!

Iain Dale has a post on this on his
It has also been covered in the Daily Echo over the last few days. Click here for Echo comments.

Why do we elect people with such crazy views???


Anonymous said...

I agree with Sandra Gidley's comments. I have never been a fan of competitive sports. Not only are sports such as rugby and football dangerous, but they are also elitist. Personally, I was pschologically damaged by agressive PE teachers who were only interested in kids who were good at so called "team sports". I would guess from you comments Mr Moulton, that you were good at everything at school and sailed through without too many problems, but maybe you should consider those less fortunate than yourself. Skipping strikes me as a good idea, its a fun form of exercise with little possibility of injury. I am a morris dancer in my spare time. It takes years of practise to become good at that. I think skipping lessons at school would have significantly helped me with my dancing. No doubt you will consider my comments as "crazy" just as you have Sandra Gidley's and refuse to publish my message, but at least I have been able to put my point to you.


Angry from Freemantle

Anonymous said...

is this because you were always picked last

Anonymous said...

That's the sort of small minded comment that I'm talking about. The sad thing about your post is that you obviously spent more time learning how to play sports than learning the english language. No capital letters and no punctuation. Who is the loser....?