Thursday, October 19, 2006

University Conservatives Go From Strength To Strength

Tonight was the Southampton University Conservative Association's first social event of the academic year.

I popped along briefly to Bridge Bar at the University. It was a fantastic turn out. There were perhaps 100 students there and I am told that about 200 are signed up members.

The Conservative Student committee are a great bunch of people and the strength of the society today is a testament to all their hard work.

I had an interesting chat with Ben Rogers, president of the students union. I also met a couple of Labour activists who had come along. One guy was involved in the Labour election campaign in Freemantle earlier this year, so we had some fun sharing election stories.

Earlier today the University was host to Labour MP and at present the only formal leadership challenger to Tony Blair, John McDonnell. He spoke at the Student's Union (click here for link) and was apparently keen that they endorsed his leadership bid. They didn't incidently.

I notice on McDonnell's website he has former Freemantle Labour Councillor, Simon Letts down as a contact for Southampton. Presumably Letts is backing his campaign.

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