Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bourne Road Parking

I wrote a posting a few weeks ago about parking in Bourne Road.
The Council is working with a private company to introduce new WhizzGo cars to the city. These are cars which you can hire by the hour. It is hoped that they will help reduce congestion by allowing people to use a car when the need one but not have own one themselves.

Southampton City Council is looking to create car parking spaces around the city for these WhizzGo cars to be parked when they are not being used.

The Council planned to have two such spaces in Bourne Road. This meant reducing the number of on street spaces in Bourne Road.

My colleagues and I opposed this and we argued that these spaces should be located where possible in car parks. Freemantle has chronic parking problems and we don't want it made worse.

Bourne Road has been withdrawn from the scheme and I have withdrawn my objection.

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