Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Latest Poll Gives Cameron's Conservatives A 10 Point Lead

Political Betting reports that an ICM opinion poll in tomorrow's Guardian puts the parties as follows:

Conservative 39%
Labour 29%
Lib Dem 22%

There is some discussion on Political Betting about whether recent media coverage of the Conservative policy on taxation may have helped boost the party.

My own view is that the Party is doing the right thing on tax. At the last two general elections the Party has gone to the electorate with proposals to cut a few specific taxes. Now the Party is being considerably more thoughtful on tax, saying economic stability must come first.

I think our guiding principles on any future tax policy should be, firstly ensuring that we simplify the tax system, secondly that we look to incentivise socially responsible behaviour and disincentivise irresponsible behaviour, thirdly that any tax cuts will genuinely stimulate the economy.

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