Monday, October 30, 2006

Labour's Outrageous New Council Tax Plans

Labour are now planning to hike up Council Tax for those living in "nice areas". New Big Brother computer systems will calculate the desirability of an area based on the quality of local services and the types of people who live there. The impact of all this could be tax increases for some of 4 times their current Council Tax levels.

Apparently an astonishing range of data will be held on people including sex, age, ethnic profile, the job you have and what you eat and drink. Fines of £1000 will be imposed on families who don't allow government inspectors to photograph the insides and outsides of their homes.

If this is allowed to go ahead it will mean a massive infringement on people's privacy. It will no doubt cost a fortune to administer. It will also see even more money transferred away from the South of England to Labour heartlands in the North.

What on earth are the Government thinking of!!? This story comes just after the Government's White Paper on local government (supposedly aimed at transferring powers away from central Government) and it comes before the anticipated Lyons Review on local government finance.

It shows that Labour, firstly has no real plans to devolve powers to local government and that it's willingness to hike taxes, interfere in peoples' lives and run roughshod over individual liberties knows no bounds.

The full story is on the Daily Mail website and is also covered on ConservativeHome.

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