Saturday, October 21, 2006

How Green Is Your Car?

I have been looking at the website How Green Is Your Car? It's a really good site; it's fun, interactive and informative.

You can put in details of the car you drive and see how much CO2 it produces.

In calling for the burden of tax to be shifted from things that are good to things that are bad, David Cameron is saying that we should have higher taxes on the most polluting cars rather than simply taxing cars with bigger engines.

The cars and lorries on our roads account for more than a quarter of the UK's CO2 emissions and the figure is going up all the time.

Conservatives want to see average emission levels from new cars in the UK reduce from around 170 grammes a kilometre to 100 g/km in 2022. By 2030 we want that to be the average for all cars on the road.

David Cameron is also calling for a Climate Change Bill to be supported by all political parties. This would set carbon emission targets each year. The Government at the moment has a distant target in 2050 but it is not clear how and whether we would reach it.

I went to quite a few environmental fringe meetings at the Conservative Conference earlier this month. Below is a video with some comments on the enviroment filmed during the Conference.

My main reason for putting this on here was to see if I could up load a video. If it works I will put some more on in the future.

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