Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sport Relief

I enjoyed a much needed break from local election campaigning this afternoon.

Along with other Conservative Councillors and local council candidates I joined thousands of other runners to do the Sport Relief race in the city centre.

More sport is one of key policies Conservatives in Southampton are pushing.

On Wednesday I am leading a debate in Full Council on Conservative plans for a scheme to dramatically increase the amount of sport provision for children locally.

A few weeks ago Labour and Lib Dem councillors rejected the scheme but I am hopeful that on Wednesday they will have a change of heart, back the policy and back my motion to council. Last week a cross party panel of councillors, who have been carrying out a study into youth services in the city, gave their wholehearted support to the scheme.

Motion to council on Sport
This Council notes that the Government wishes to see a fully functional Extended Schools programmes in place by 2010, where all children are to be offered activities or child care provision from 8am in the morning till 6pm in the evening in the form of a wrap around scheme to the school timetable.

This Council notes that Southampton Solent University (SSU) has 1,500 students on various sports courses ranging from foundation Sports Studies to specialist Sports Science Degrees and that it has the largest resource of qualified coaches in Southampton.

This Council welcomes the proposal from SSU to create an Extended Schools programme within Southampton and agrees to commit £50,000 to pilot this programme in 08/09.

This Council welcomes the opportunity to work with SSU and benefits that the programme will bring; namely, encouraging a healthier lifestyle amongst the children of the city and combating obesity, providing positive activities and reducing antisocial behaviour, encouraging sports club links and providing valuable work experience to SSU students.

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Anonymous said...

Blantent use of a sporting event for political reasons Jeremy - criopes.. mind you I have let sport relief know of course :)