Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pioneering Scheme to Boost Sport in the City

Yesterday local Conservatives announced plans for a pioneering scheme to dramatically increase the amount of sport provision for children in Southampton. The Conservative led council is looking to work in partnership with Southampton Solent University to provide 5,000 hours of after school sports training each year.

Initially a pilot scheme will be run with sports studies undergraduates from Southampton Solent coaching children at a number of schools in the city. If the scheme proves popular then it will be extended to all interested schools and it is hoped that the scheme could double to 10,000 hours a year. This is a fantastic scheme which will help tackle childhood obesity as well as anti social behaviour.

The proposal forms part of the Conservative budget proposals for the city due to be voted on by all political parties on 20th February. The proposals from local Conservatives come on the back of a report this week from David Cameron about how we can improve the development of young people in Britain and increase accessibility to sports and other activities within and outside school.

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