Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Extended Schools

This evening I went to a school governor training session at Mount Pleasant Junior School, on subject of the Extended Schools agenda.

All schools will have to have an extended schools programme in place by 2010 and in Southampton, schools will be expected to group together in clusters to deliver this.

It will involve all children being offered activities or child care provision from 8am in the morning till 6pm in the evening in the form of a wrap around scheme to the school timetable.

This is a subject which I am very interested in and it was the subject of my motion to full council last week. Schools are expected to work with other bodies in the city to deliver the programme and I have been strongly pushing for the city council to take up the offer made by Southampton Solent University use its 1,500 sports undergraduates to teach sports classes in city schools.

In the end my motion to council wasn't carried and Labour and Lib Dem councillors decided not to push ahead with the scheme and not to commit funding for a pilot. They did say that it was worth investigating but they in effect neutered the proposal by taking out the money and a deadline for implementation.

I am still confident that in time the scheme will get off the ground as its such as fantastic opportunity for the city.

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