Monday, November 13, 2006

This Week

Despite no postings I have had a very hectic last few days. The week ahead is also pretty busy politically.

Tomorrow I am off to London for a day's pensions and investments training. This is for the Hampshire County Council Pension Fund Panel that I serve on. Then on Friday we have a pension fund panel meeting.

Wednesday afternoon is Full Council. The big item on the agenda is the approval of funding for the Council's re-organisation of secondary school education in the city. Click HERE for the Council agenda.

On Saturday, Cllr Royston Smith and I are having a tour of the city council's art stores, followed by a tour of the old magistrates courts. The magistrates courts are part of the Civic Centre but have been mothballed for a number of years. I am quite excited about looking around the old law courts as I have never seen them. They were described to me today as being a bit like the Mayor's parlour but much, much bigger. The purpose of the tour is to see whether the rooms can be used for something like a heritage centre or to display more of the city's £130m art collection.

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hope I'm invited!