Saturday, November 25, 2006

London Road Improvements Scheme Is Coming Off The Rails

Those responsible for the so called improvements to London Road seem to have completely lost the plot!

The Council introduced a no right turn into Brunswick Place from London Road some time ago. Since then cars have either been cutting right down Carlton Place and through Bedford Place or have been going left down Bellevue Road, down Kings Park Road and then turning right into Brunswick Place. The former is causing further traffic congestion and the latter is extremely dangerous.

The no right turn at the end of London Road was intended to force cars round the Charlotte Place Roundabout and reduce congestion along London Road. If this is to work it should be made much clearer to motorists. Also the Council needs to stop right hand turns out of Kings Park Road before there is an accident.

In Carlton Place bizarre modifications have been made to the road layout at the junction of Carlton Crescent. There appears to be a taxi rank there now, although I have never seen a taxi parked in it. There are no road signs so motorists are left confused as to where they should and shouldn't be driving.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money has been spent to so far on London Road. Now the Council are asking for another £700,000 to make more changes along London Road. The main change seems to be to make the pavements enormously and pointlessly wide. The Council are unhappy with the work by the contractor they have used up until now and so they are planning to spend even more money on procuring the services of a new company to do the additional work.

Would it not make more sense to can this project and rather than spending the money on frustrating motorists, spend it on repairing some of the road in our city suburbs that are in a terrible state of repair?

Full details of Council plans for London Road can be found by clicking HERE.

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David Holdway said...

Southampton's record on transport is truly awful. Why on earth can't the council get all leaves swept up before a pedistrian is seriously injured, not to mention cars attempting to come to stop over them.