Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Planning Meeting - 5th December

The next Planning and Rights of Way Panel meeting is being at on 5th December at the Civic Centre. Click HERE for a link to the list of applications being decided upon.

Each planning application has a reference. All the paperwork can be viewed online. Click HERE to see details of all planning applications under consideration by the Council.

The following Freemantle Ward applications are being discussed:

06/014341/FUL - 78-79 The Avenue & r/o 3 Archers Rd

The proposal is to demolish Archers House, 1A Archers Road. Redevelopment of the site to provide 79 dwellings, a terrace of 8 houses and 4 three and four-storey buildings (including accommodation within the roofspace) to provide 71 flats (56 x one-bedroom, 15 x two-bedroom) with associated parking, landscaping and a new vehicular access from Archers Road.

Archers House was until recently offices for the Social Services department of the Council. It was orginally built as a nurses' home.

The site is massive and this development will have a big impact on the area. Only 37 car parking spaces are being provided for. This is not sufficient and will lead to more parking problems in the area. I have written to the Council asking that greater parking is provided for. I have also written strongly urging that the planning panel require as a condition that the development is properly in keeping with the 19th Century character of the Avenue Conservation Area.

06/01442/FUL - 14-20 Shirley Road

This is an application by the Society of St James to change the use of this building to a drug rehabilitation centre and needle exchange. This application came before the planning panel recently for a site in the High Street. It was rejected by the panel following presentation by local restaurant owners.

I have objected to this application. I have pasted my letter of objection below so you can see my reasons.

I would like to object to the above planning application.

This is a very controversial application. The last time this application came forward it was rejected by Councillors on the planning panel.

I recognise that it is a social necessity and there is a serious drugs problem in the city.

I also have a great deal of respect for the work done by the Society of St James.

However it will inevitably impact on the residential area about it.

My ward colleagues and I have received no communication or information about this application. We have not been consulted or had the opportunity to discuss the matter.

I am very disappointed that we have not been consulted, given the nature of the application. In the past we have been consulted over similar matters and it was a worthwhile and constructive exercise.

I would ask that the decision at the very least is deferred to a future planning meeting so ward Councillors can be properly informed and dialogue can be had.

I did wonder about doing a posting on this application given its nature. However it was pointed out to me that if I didn't I would be guilty of the same thing that I am acusing the Council of.

UPDATE 30/11/06 - The application for the drugs rehab centre is being postponed until a future meeting in January. This will allow for further consultation.

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