Wednesday, November 01, 2006

David Cameron Was Right To Call For An Iraq Inquiry

Conservatives were right yesterday to support calls for an inquiry into the situation in Iraq.

A review is needed and although only a few Labour MPs voted against the Labour whip in yesterday's Commons vote I expect many more wanted to.

Even Defence Secretary Des Browne agreed with the need for an inquiry and said so after the vote.

I didn't watch it on television but did get a chance to read some of the debate as recorded in Hansard. I thought William Hague was brilliant. Despite attempts by Labour MPs to wrong foot him, he effectively slapped down all the feeble arguments against a proper review of the situation in Iraq. Labour were saying that by questioning the situation we are undermining our troops. What nonsense! There hasn't been a Commons debate on Iraq for 2 years. Some of the Labour language is so similar to that used by George Bush. You are either with us or against us, both Bush and Labour say. Everything is portrayed as black and white in an effort to destroy intelligent, rational debate.

We need a proper inquiry, perhaps not right now, but certainly in the near future. In calling for this the Conservatives are doing what they should be doing, acting as an effective opposition. I was disappointed that our local Labour MPs felt that they had to support the Government on this issue, rather than doing what was right.

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