Saturday, September 02, 2006

Travellers Update

Here is the offical update from the Council, that was sent to me yesterday:

On Wednesday 30th August 2006 a group of 13 caravans moved onto the grassed area behind St Marks School in Shirley.

The Police visited the site that evening. Officers from Community Safety and the school visited the site to carry out Welfare checks and to request that the group leave the land.

Southampton City Council does not own the land but the school lease the land for recreation and sports.

The Council formally asked the Police to use their Powers of eviction, this was agreed and Police officers visited the site with Community Safety Officers yesterday afternoon. The Travellers will be served notice today (Friday) by the Police.

The site is clean and tidy and the Travellers friendly and co-operative. The site will be monitored by the Police and Community Safety Officers

For further information please contact Leanne Hubbard 02380 832329

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