Thursday, August 31, 2006

Police Set To Evict Travellers

Last night travellers invaded the Civil Service Sports Ground, cutting through the heavy locks on the gates.

I spoke with the police, a number of local residents, the head teacher of St Marks last night.

The Police initially told me that a section 61 order was being issued and that the travellers would be evicted by this morning. This hasn't happened, although the police have been on site today and issued a verbal warning to the travellers. They will be issue an eviction order tomorrow. If they don't leave by Saturday morning, the police will tow their vehicles away.

The Council have been in touch with the land owners, Bovis, who I understand have not been terribly helpful.

I very much hope that the travellers are removed as quickly as physically possible. My colleague, Cllr Brian Parnell has been down to the school this morning. They are rightly concerned as they have summer camp on at the moment and children are at the school. The Council are staying in touch with the school and giving regular updates.

I will update this post as I hear anything.

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