Saturday, September 02, 2006

Travellers To Be Evicted Today

I went down to the Civil Service Sports Ground earlier today. In only a few days the travellers have started to make a mess and there is quite a bit of litter around. Some eggs appear to have been thrown at one of the windows of the school.

I was struck by how nice and new all the traveller vehicles were. The motor homes were almost all 06 registration. I saw one 05 registration. These travellers are clearly not short of a bit of cash! I certainly can't afford a brand new car. Then I suppose if I didn't have Council Tax and a mortage, income tax, VAT, car tax etc. to pay, I could afford a nice new vehicle.

I spoke to the Shirley police just a moment ago. I have been assured that the police intend to evict the travellers today.

I will post any updates as and when I receive them.

Update 16:41: The Travellers have now been removed by the police. If they return they are liable to be arrested.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see that the Police moved quickly to prevent any further damage to the sports fields. Your comments about their new vehicles made me smile - how true it is! All the best Hugh.