Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lord Hurd in Freemantle Ward

The Freemantle Conservative Branch has invited distinguished politician and novellist, Lord Hurd to come and speak in Freemantle Ward in October.

Lord Hurd of Westwell, was a Conservative minister under Margaret Thatcher and the John Major. A former Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary, Lord Hurd entered the House of Lords in 1997. Lord Hurd was MP for the Oxfordshire seat of Witney, now David Cameron's seat.

Lord Hurd will be speaking at a cream tea at the Blue Keys Hotel in Northlands Road, Banister Park from 4:30pm on 16th October.

Tickets are £8. For tickets please email me at

The events comes ahead of an Lord Hurd appearing at the Nuffield Theatre on the same night.

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Matt Dean said...

Should be great, I am really looking forward to it