Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sulphur Plant Approved By Council's Planning Committee

The City Council’s Planning and Rights of Way panel this morning considered the application for the Sulphur Plant in the Western Docks.

I am very disappointed to report that the application was approved. Click here for a link to the Daily Echo’s coverage: http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/10446477.Sulphur_boss_faces_council_over_plans/

I had hoped that the decision could be deferred and further investigation be carried out regarding safety concerns and the environmental impact of the plant. I had asked that independent consultants be engaged to investigate these matters, in light of the fact there have been no other applications of this nature anywhere in the country and that there are no other such plants in the UK. I made those points to the planning committee but sadly the decision was taken to approve the application.

I am now keen to ensure that any other such applications for the docks are properly scrutinised and that local people are informed in the first instance.

The western docks are becoming more and more industrialised and this is a concern for people locally.

In July I will be holding a meeting at the Civic Centre to specifically look at planning issues in the docks, resident communication and how we can do more to shield residents from noise from the docks.

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