Saturday, May 25, 2013

A New Name For The Former Civil Service Sports Ground?

My letter in today's Southern Daily Echo:

Dear Sir

The Daily Echo recently reported on a public meeting to discuss the future of the former Civil Service Sports Ground behind Malmesbury Rd in Shirley. It was a great meeting, bubbling with ideas, energy and excitement. It has taken a decade for the council to acquire the field for the local community and it was good to hear that local people are determined to work together to bring it back into public use. It will take a little while longer to get the site sorted out and fit for public access. In the meantime though I think a name change is needed. I for one am a bit tired of referring to the site as the 'former Civil Service Sports Ground'. A new name is needed; perhaps reflecting the history of the ground or maybe the exciting new future ahead - maybe a Daily Echo competition to help pick the best name?

Yours faithfully

Cllr Jeremy Moulton
Conservative Councillor for Freemantle Ward

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