Saturday, April 13, 2013

Action Needed to Tackle Street Drinking in Shirley Road

In Howard Road with a huge pile of beer cans - one example of evidence of street drinking 

I am calling for tough new licencing rules to be brought in to restrict further off licences and shops selling alcohol on Shirley Road and Shirley High St and the roads nearby. 

I recently told the Southern Daily Echo: "The pubs are well managed in the area but there are so many off licences there and we don’t need any more. It’s intimidating when you walk down the road and see people drinking beer in the streets from early in the morning until late at night and urinating in the alleyways and it brings the area down."

I am asking that the Police and the City Council's licencing team look at the introduction of a new 'Cumulative Impact Licencing Policy' which will make it much harder for new off licences to be approved and for existing ones to extend their operating hours. 

I will put the request to a meeting of the city's Safe City Partnership later this month. I am also calling on the police to use their powers to confiscate alcohol from those seen drinking in the street.  

Update 21/04/13: I am attending the Safer City Partnership on 25th April to present my concerns to the Police, the City Council and other local partners.

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