Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Political Roundup

Monday 19th April
- Interview with Radio Solent about Sheltered Housing Wardens
- Knocking doors in Millbrook

Tuesday 20th April
- Knocking doors in Regents Park

Wednesday 21st April
- Knocking doors in Regents Park

Thursday 22nd April
- Council meetings at the Civic Centre
- Constituency correspondence
- Politics Q+A session with Girl Guides at Freemantle United Reform Church

Friday 23rd April
- Taking part in year 8 democracy classes at Redbridge Community School
- Southampton Students Union Election debate
- Meeting wih University students
- Door knocking in Shirley

Saturday 24th April
- Door knocking in Shirley

Sunday 25th April
- Interview with Highfield Church
- Meeting with Inner Avnue Residents at the Avenue Pub Sunday Breakfast

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