Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Will Fight For Local Schools and Colleges

As your Member of Parliament I will fight hard to improve our local schools and colleges.

I am pleased that I have been able to secure millions of pounds of funds for our primary schools. I am also delighted that we are pushing ahead with the rebuilding of two city academies. As a local councillor I helped secure £35m for these schools – money that Southampton Labour Councillors and MPs would have turned down.

We have 5 new secondary school building projects in the pipeline. The only thing holding back approval for these new schools is government sign off. As soon as the government gives the go ahead the city council will enter procurement to build the new schools. My concern is that our local Labour MPs are delaying the projects for political reasons, during the election campaign.

Our Labour MPs have already let the city’s young people down once, by refusing millions of pounds of promised funds to rebuild Taunton’s and Itchen college. It would be shameful for them to put our new secondary schools at risk too.

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