Sunday, April 18, 2010

Five Of My Local Priorities As Your Member Of Parliament

1. A Better Deal for Southampton
I want a better deal for Southampton from government and I will be the city’s champion in Westminster. Labour has neglected the city for years, instead favouring areas in the North. I want to end the scandal whereby every year our tenants hand over millions of pounds of rent money to government for them to spend in the North of England.

2. Improvements to Local Schools
I am passionate about improving our local schools. I will fight to secure the rebuilding of 7 secondary schools in the city. I want to see parents put in the driving seat and to have a choice of good local schools.

3. Planning Reforms
I want to see Conservative reforms to planning laws, so that local people are protected against bad developments. I welcome our plans to restrict retrospective planning permission, to put decision making in the hands of local councils and to stop appeals to unelected planning inspectors. I back the rules that will limit excessive numbers of multiple occupation homes being concentrated in one area.

4. Fluoride Vote
Local people should have a say on fluoridation of water. I will fight for a local referendum and to stop the Labour government forcing fluoridation on the city’s residents without their consent.

5. Port and Jobs
I will do everything I can to protect and create local jobs. The port in particular is a huge direct and indirect employer and is a vital part of the city’s economy. I will fight to scrap Labour’s extra port taxes which threaten the port’s competitiveness.


Anonymous said...

my daughter was attending college, until, due to unfortunate circumstances had to withdraw from the course. She turned 18 in Feb 2010. Since 12 Feb she has tried to claim JSA, without any success i might add. At every turn she has been given misleading, unhelpful, sometimes untrue statements relating to the delays in the claim. No-one has been capable of giving their full name, no-one has been capable of taking responsibility for their actions. the claim has now been ongoing for 11 WEEKS. This is NOT the only claimant (in Southampton) who has had such a claim delayed for whatever reason. We are expected to PAY into a SLUSH FUND most MP's call LEGITIMATE EXPENSES, but when it comes to the GOV helping those who need it. FORGET IT !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So this statement won't be approved then ? What a surprise !!!!!