Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Public Money Should Not Be Given to Political Parties

Coxford Ward's Conservative Candidate, Neil Fitzgerald, has rightly drawn attention to our local MP's mad plans to fund political parties using taxpayers' money.

I find it unbelieveable that Alan Whitehead wants taxes raised to fund the campaigning activities of political parties.

I think he must live on another planet. I have yet to meet anyone who agrees with this crazy idea.

I supect most people think political parties are rolling in money. This may be true of Southampton's Labour Party which is generously funded by the Trades Unions. The local Labour MPs also receive lavish expenses to pay for travel costs and for staff such as press agents and researchers.

The Conservatives in Southampton by contrast receive no external funding and are entirely dependent on the generosity of our local membership; donating money and coming to our fund raising events.

It is a lot of hard work to fund an election campaign. Over the years I have put on my fair share of events, cooking dinners, pouring cups of tea and coffee, printing and distributing flyers etc.

However it is also a lot of fun. I have made some great friends and met some fascinating speakers. Over recent months we have had a number of ex Cabinet Ministers, including Lord Hurd who came and spoke in Freemantle ward to our local members.

I think this is much healthier state of play than Government taking more money off people to fund politicians. Long may it continue!!!

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James.R.Skinner said...

The again Jeremy, since when did raising taxes become out of the ordinary for this government? They can shove it if they think they are getting my money to fund their campaigns.