Sunday, January 21, 2007

£1m Boost to Freemantle Community Centre

Good News for Freemantle!

On Wednesday the City Council agreed funding of over over £1m over the next 2 years to rebuild Freemantle Community Centre.

The new centre will in part be used for day service provision for adults with learning disabilities.

Work with the Freemantle Community Association has been going on since 2002 but in January 2006 Council Architects were commissioned to design and cost the work that needs to be done.

We are all keen for these works to be completed as soon as possible. I asked Council officers when we should expect work to be finished and was told early to mid 2008.

Cllr Brian Parnell raised his concerns about the long term use by vulnerable adults of temporary accomodation at Freemantle Scout Hall.

We are hopeful the the investment will be a foundation for the community hub in Freemantle that local people are pushing for.

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