Monday, July 03, 2006

Dangerous Parking in Mayfair Gardens

I attended a residents meeting of Mayfair Gardens residents (Banister Park) last Monday.

The residents have a problem with vehicles parking along the stretch of M Mayfair Gardens along the junction of Court Road.

New parking arrangements were introduced in Banister Park a couple of years ago. At this time it was decided to leave the stretch of road in question as unrestricted.

The section of road is extremely narrow and if vehicles do park there, it can prevent access. This is a very serious concern as emergency vehicles and also council bin lorries do need access into the road.

I understand on one occasion, due to a parked car blocking access, an ambulance was forced to park a long way away from a house to which it had been called in Mayfair Gardens and that the ambulance crew had to push a trolley and from the their vehicle some distance to the house.

Obviously in the event of a fire and a fire engine being unable to get past parked vehicles, lives could be lost.

At the time the new parking scheme was introduced it was my understanding that the parking situation would be monitored and reviewed. These things are an imperfect science and it is not expected that the first solution will always be the right one.

I have asked that the Council urgently addresses the problem, in consultation with residents.

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