Friday, March 15, 2013

Plans for Flats Along Lordshill Way Scrapped

November 2012: Conservative Campaigner Trevor Glasspool campaigning against 
development on local green spaces

I attended a packed residents meeting at Lordswood Community Centre this evening along with local resident and Conservative Campaigner Trevor Glasspool. We have been fighting plans by the Leader of the Council Richard Williams to build flats on the green spaces along Lordshill Way. 

I estimate about 200 residents attended the meeting. The hall and corridors of the community centre were completely full and people were leaning in through the windows of the building to hear. 

Labour plans for development have been in the public domain since November and included blocks of flats opposite the Rose Road centre in Aldermoor Rd, on Lordswood Road opposite the cemetery, along both sides of Lordshill Way by the Aldermoor Health Centre and further up by Sinclair School. 

A map showing where Labour planned to build new flats and housing 
(Taken from the Daily Echo Website)

Residents at the meeting were unanimously opposed to the development, raising concerns about the loss of open space, the loss of trees and parking and traffic problems. For over an hour resident after resident called for the scheme to be scrapped. 

At the end of the meeting a vote was taken and every person there voted for the scheme to be scrapped. I am delighted to report that the Leader of the Council said he would abandon his plans and that he publicly gave his 'word' that it would not now happen. Residents will now hold him to that promise. 

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