Thursday, February 07, 2013

Labour's Vendetta Against Coxford

Labour Council Leader Richard Williams seems hell bent on attacking residents in the Coxford Ward after two of the local Labour councillors left the Labour Party to become Independents. Our worry is that he is now on some sort of vendetta to punish these councillors and local residents who have opposed Labour's cuts and broken promises. In recent months Labour have:

- Shut Oaklands Pool despite a clear promise before the election not to do so.
- Tried to pretend that money was not there to do repairs on the pool despite this clearly being the case.
- Been working on secret plans to develop high rise flats along Lordshill Way, taking away green space, not consulting with councillors or residents. 
- Tried to cut ALL of the local youth and children's facilities including the popular Zoe Braithwaite centre
- Announced plans to charge residents living around the hospital to park in their own street.

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