Thursday, February 07, 2013

Labour To Demolish Oaklands

Labour have set aside HALF A MILLION pounds in the city council budget to demolish the Oaklands site.

Local Conservatives warned that Labour planned to demolish the site and have been calling for the swimming pool to be reopened and for the former school to be made into an asset for the local community - as a community centre and for other uses like space for a nursery or even small businesses.

There has been no consultation about this and it is again another betrayal of the local area by Labour. Labour said that they wouldn't reopen the swimming pool because it would cost too much for repairs and here we have them planning to spend half a million pounds demolishing Oaklands! It is a perfectly good building and local people have been crying out for a permanent community centre for years. I want to know what our local councillors are going to do about this.

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