Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Operation Spring Clean

Southampton Conservatives have launched Operation Spring Clean, a major exercise to clean up the city ahead of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Torch coming to Southampton. The city wide clean up will also deal with the after affects of the Labour sponsored bin strikes last year.

The clean is now well under way and includes the following:
  • A major clean up of the city’s main gateways, arterial routes and link roads including jet washing of street furniture, directional signage and utility boxes and the removal of litter and graffiti.
  • The cleaning of gum and grime from areas of pavement and precinct along the QE2 mile.
  • The removal of litter and debris from ‘hard to reach’ areas such as busy traffic junctions, islands and central reservations, with most of this work programmed from sunrise on Sunday mornings to minimise traffic disruption.

Full details can be found HERE on the City Council's website.

The following roads in Freemantle have just recently been swept and we are getting good feedback from residents:

Albany Road, Dyer Road, Firgrove Road, Grove Road, Nelson Road, Nightingale Road, Trafalgar Road, Wolseley Road.

As your councillors, Michael Ball, Brian Parnell and I are also busy reporting problems in the area, such as over flowing bins outside some rented properties (like this one pictured to the right), buildings waste and materials that have been left in driveways and fly tipping on the pavement. 

Please get in touch if we can help or visit the fixmystreet website.

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