Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fire In The Western Docks

Pictures of the docks fire taken at lunch time today

A fire at a scrap metal site in the docks has been blazing all day with smoke and fumes covering much of nearby area. The smell from the fire has been terrible and you could taste the fumes in the air earlier today. Thankfully late this afternoon the wind changed direction and blew some of the fumes away from houses but it is still impacting massively on local residents. Click HERE for the Southern Daily Echo report on the fire.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) have been battling the blaze and hopefully will have it under control very soon. The City Council has published a statement from HFRS on its website. 

The site of the fire is right by the proposed site for the Helius wood burning biomass power station. It is ironic that the fire started on the same day that Southampton City Council's Planning and Rights of Way Panel was considering the Statement of Community Consultation from Helius for the their proposed biomass power station.

Following the biomass fire at Tilbury recently, fire safety is a key concern of local people and of those campaigning against this proposed development. The fire in the docks today will only serve to underline these very real concerns.

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