Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Contract With Southampton Test

I really believe we need to change the way we do politics. I am committed to fighting a positive and honest election campaign, and that’s the way I will conduct myself if elected as a Member of Parliament. I have set out 10 pledges as part of my contract with Southampton Test.

If elected as a Member of Parliament for Southampton Test, I Jeremy Moulton will:

1. Continue to live in Southampton.

2. Represent local people with regular surgeries around the constituency.

3. Publish online details of any personal expenses incurred as your Member of Parliament.

4. Publish online details of any office expenses incurred as your Member of Parliament.

5. Open up my unedited expenses claims to local newspapers at the end of every financial year.

6. Never claim for food.

7. Never claim for furniture or household goods.

8. Meet my own tax liabilities - such as stamp duty - without claiming them from the taxpayer.

9. Not claim the £10,400pa Communications Allowance to produce MP leaflets.

10. Fight for a fairer deal for Southampton.


Fishter said...

Can you add the following pledges, or at least make them "aspirations"?

11. I will work to prevent the overdevelopment of properties in Southampton.

12. I will use Public Transport wherever possible in carrying out my parliamentary and constituency duties.

13. I will work to reduce the interference of Central and Local Government in citizens everyday lives.

Jeremy Moulton said...

Sensible suggestions.

11. I recently posted on Conservative policy on planning issues. I am really pleased that we will put an end to pre meditated retrospective planning. I come across this all the time in my ward work. Also the appeals to the planning inspectorate really undermine the local council's planning rulings. I am working on objecting to an appeal decision in Freemantle at the moment. We would also abolish the crazy maximum car parking limits that are currently in place. I will certainly oppose over development in the city and also fight to protect family housing.

12. I will be getting the train to London. I am not sure I could give up my car for getting around in Southampton. Sadly that way I would likely only get half the amount of work done. I will do my best though.

13. Definitely. Less government, less interference!