Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am Committed to Improving and Investing in Our NHS

With a General Election fast approaching it is important that local people in Southampton understand my position and that of the Conservative Party on the NHS.

“The Conservative Party stands full square behind the NHS ... We back it, we are going to expand it, we have ring-fenced it and said that it will get more money under a Conservative government, and it is our Number one mission to improve it.” These are the words of David Cameron and I back him one hundred per cent.

Conservatives are committed to real terms increases in health spending year on year. David Cameron has been clear that there will be no cuts to NHS front line services under the Conservatives. With an aging population and increasing demand for health services I think this is critical.

Conservatives would trust professionals and provide the right incentives for them and to put patient choice at the heart of the NHS. A Conservative Government would:

  • Give patients choice over their GP and which hospital they go to.

  • Give more freedom to existing healthcare providers. We want to give NHS Trusts far more freedom to innovate and to adjust the way they provide services in response to their patients’ wishes locally.

  • End box-ticking and process targets. Instead we would focus on improving the overall results of people’s treatment in the NHS.

  • Stop political interference.

  • Strengthen the role of the Care Quality Commission.

  • Make prevention a priority.

  • Public health is central to our plan to help Britain become a healthier nation. To do this, we would help people live healthy lifestyles, develop a responsibility deal with business and build a stronger public health infrastructure.

    There will be a choice at the next election and local people should know that I am committed to improving and investing in our NHS and protecting front line jobs in our local hospitals.

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